A False Goodbye

I really love writing for this blog. I love thinking about the weird things that happen in my life and how they could be connected to climate change and anything in the world, drawing lines to connect everyone to everything and each other.

And that’s why The Climate Pickle doesn’t really have an end date. Once I wrap up the loose ends of my thesis and craft it into the final, bound version, I’m going to be writing on this blog again.

The Pickle has never been about a grade, or trying to impress anyone, or making my résumé look cool with my blog url–I write these words because I think it’s really important. There’s a lot of information about climate change that is thrown around in the media, everyday conversations, on Facebook, wherever; I’m like a new pair of glasses. You slide them on and see the world in a different way. I can’t say how exactly that different looks, but it’s my perspective.

I like to think that my glasses add a little vibrancy, a little zooming in or out, a shift of some sort. Maybe even like a movie that runs parallel or overlaps with your life. A different sense of awareness about the world.

I don’t want to go into some grand final conclusion because I honestly don’t think there is one, especially since we’re only pausing for little bit. More to come, more stories to share.


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