What’s This all About


Climate change. Global warming. Changing climate. Global climate change.

Yes, it is happening. It’s big, scary, and overwhelming. Climate change isn’t anything new; we have known about it for many, many years. But the signs and symptoms of a changing climate are finally starting to arise, which leads to a lot of dooms-day scenarios and misinformation that is easy to get lost in. Or maybe you try to read a scientific journal and feel like you’re reading a foreign language. Information collides around you like leaves in a wind storm.

My name is Olivia, and I am a senior in college. I combined my two disciplines, creative writing and geology, so that they morphed into this weird and awesome creative nonfiction environmental writing thing. I noticed that a lot of environmental and climate change writing was dry and distanced or felt like your parents chiding you to clean your room.

Not that interesting.

The Climate Pickle is a factual pool of information on climate change, but this is not your professor or some older guy talking about his grandchildren. The Climate Pickle is written by and for Generation Y, the Millennials.


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