Where’s the Snow?

This one is for my East Coast homies.

Y’all just got shit on by snow.


Ironically, NYC was supposed to get totally buried in snow, and the city shut down in anxious anticipation for the white apocalypse, but they only got a little bit of snow.

Weather is pretty much unpredictable. Meteorologists try hard to predict weather with all their projections, programs, math, and maps to tell us what the weather will be like, but the atmosphere will do what it wants. Conditions change rapidly. Computers aren’t perfect.

I just found out today on grist.org, that snowstorms are apparently way harder to predict than other weather systems.

Snow is a weird type of precipitation because it needs the perfect combination of conditions to actually turn into the white fluffy stuff, and those conditions vary from region to region.

So it’s not easy.

NYC may have been skimped, but Boston was slammed with 30 inches of snow and southern Maine got about 26 inches of snow. It’s certainly winter on the East Coast.

But scientists are predicting that these current extremes of weather we are experiencing right now, like the nor-easter, will slowly dwindle away, and snow is highly likely to become ways less frequent. No more apocalyptic blizzards.



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