The Pentagon Believes!

The main headline about climate change lately is on how the Pentagon released an official report on the immediate threats climate change imposes on National Security.

I think it’s pretty cool because the Department of Defense realized how climate change is affecting their passion, which is protecting the U.S.

The Department of Defense report, signed by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, is basically saying, “Hey. So we once thought climate change was just a future threat, but turns out the future is closer than we thought, and we are witnessing the effects of climate change; ignoring these threats is too risky. We have to prepare for the potential and immediate danger that climate change will have on our nation’s security.”

What is the Department of Defense worried about?

Sea level rise will threaten naval and military bases on the coast around the world, increased extreme weather that will place a higher demand on humanitarian efforts, limited water and food resources that will lead to internal and global strife, hazards of infectious diseases, and increased terrorism.

These things listed above have been outlined and considered in the IPCC report in the Human Security section.

All the sudden, climate change felt a lot more real to the Department of Defense because it’s knocking on their door.


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